Meet Your Nashua, NH Dentist

The best part of my job is meeting new people and getting to know their stories. Because everybody has a story to tell, and I’m a firm believer in listening to these stories and treating everyone with kindness and compassion.

— Dr. Esther Kim

Esther Kim, DDS

Dr. Kim and dentistry go way back. She loves working with her hands and has played piano for many years growing up but she also loved art and excelled in science. And, because dentistry is as much art as science, it was a match made in heaven for Dr. Kim.

Hailing from Maryland, Dr. Kim has spent the last 10 years practicing in New Hampshire, helping the beautiful people of The Granite State make their dream smiles a reality.

And when she’s not busy doing that, Dr. Kim loves to spend her time with her husband, William, and their two children: Olivia and Micah.

Training and Continuing Education

  • Dr. Kim completed a general practice residency at Montefiore Hospital, Bronx, NYC.
  • She’s also received a progressive post-graduate orthodontic certificate.
  • With 10 years of dental experience, Dr. Kim has helped hundreds reach that picture-perfect smile.
  • Yet she believes that dentists should never stop learning and continues to take educational courses every year.
  • Covering comprehensive and family dentistry as well as orthodontics, Dr. Kim has also received advanced training in Invisalign and a Botox and Fillers Certificate.
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Fun Facts

Dr. Kim loves a nice ski trip but is as nimble on a snowboard. But when hitting the slopes is not an option, Dr. Kim also very much enjoys traveling to South America and the Caribbean with her family. That or trying new restaurants in the area.

Or maybe pumpkin everything in the fall and the beach in the summer? No, there’s nothing basic about it (alright, maybe a little bit).

But any day that the sun is shining, her family and friends and healthy, and we have what we need (not necessarily what we want or what we think we want) is a good day in Dr. Kim’s book.

Fittingly, her personal hero is Mother Teresa because she was able to show true love – a love that is unconditional.

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