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The Five Commandments of Modern Dentistry

After 25 years in practice– I have concluded that there are 5 simple guidelines that a patient needs to consider when confronted with the need for dental treatment. These guidelines apply across generations, across socio-economic statuses, across all the races, creeds and political strata!

My Five Commandments, or rather, my “5 Rules of Thumb” are as follows:

  1. Be preemptive. “Yankee Mentality” serves no one well when it comes to your teeth!
  2. Nothing lasts forever–except extraction, maybe–but everything else has a finite lifespan.
  3. “The 50% Rule” A dentist can fill almost any hole–but shouldn’t. Sometimes you need to prevent the inevitable fracture.
  4. Do it once; do it the right way. The more times a tooth is infected or cracked or your dentist touches it, the more likely you are to lose it.
  5. The “Apartment Building Theory” (your gonna have to chew on this one for a while–I’ll explain it later!)

Over the next few issues, I’ll explain them in detail. Please check in again.

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