Our Gallery of Smiles in Nashua, NH

Real Patient Transformations

Here at our dental office, we have provided countless Nashua area patients with stunning, long-lasting results. He has been studying and working in dentistry for most of his life, collecting comprehensive experience and valuable knowledge.

Discover some of the amazing transformations we’ve achieved and the quality of work you can expect here at our practice in Nashua, NH.

Comprehensive Dentistry

Complete Dental Work

This patient’s two remaining upper front teeth were very loose and repeatedly bled when he brushed, preventing him from eating properly.

Our dentist fabricated a temporary upper partial denture to help him chew and provide guidance to the local orthodontist. The patient underwent eight months of orthodontic therapy to align the lower teeth. We then replaced his missing teeth and made a well-fitted removable lower partial denture. This completed the interim phase of the patient’s reconstruction, and implants will later be placed in the near future.

Restorative Dentistry


This patient suffered from negligible dental care for almost a decade, which resulted in chipped, broken, and gapped teeth. We performed a high-level anterior restorative procedure that gave the patient a smile that he was confident to show off⎼and one that his wife “raves about.”

Dental Crowns

This patient had battled acid reflux (GERD) for several years, causing her front teeth to be slowly dissolved by stomach acid and chip away. Unfortunately, when teeth wear away and over-erupt, there’s no space between the upper and lower teeth for dental materials to repair the teeth.

The patient sought a second opinion with another local dentist (who recommended that all 28 of her teeth have DaVinci porcelain veneers), but we decided with the patient on braces and a combination of just seven dental crowns and veneers. Her personalized treatment plan is less likely to become compromised due to her GERD and leaves the rest of her teeth untouched and intact.

Tooth-Colored Filling

This patient lost an amalgam dental filling, commonly referred to as a silver filling, and abruptly broke her lower molar.

We would typically use a dental crown to protect, strengthen, and replace the missing part of the tooth. In this case, our dentist used a composite filling as an immediate solution for a dental emergency. This quick and temporary fix allowed the patient to leave for vacation the next day!

Trauma Repair

This patient had a skateboard accident and unfortunately, was not wearing a sports mouthguard for added protection.

We performed restorative dentistry to build a layered composite filling, also called a white filling. Using artistic skill, our dentist used multiple colors and shades to fabricate a natural-looking tooth, restoring its original shine and color.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile Makeovers

This patient wanted a smile makeover to transform his crooked and loose front teeth. He completed two years of orthodontic therapy and underwent a bone grafting procedure to restore necessary stimulation and qualify for dental implants.

Our dentist removed his two loose front teeth and placed two immediate dental implants and prototype crowns. The patient’s gums and bone graft healed after six months while the implants were integrated and we cemented the final customized crowns.

This patient had broken a back tooth and wanted it repaired. However, our team advised him that a short-term solution like a restoration repair would only delay the inevitable destruction of his remaining teeth.

The patient opted for a full-mouth reconstruction that included implant-supported bridgework, new fillings, root canal treatment, 15 porcelain crowns, two gold crowns, and a protective splint called a nightguard. Afterward, the patient said, “I didn’t know it could be like this – I never want to see my old pictures again!”

Porcelain Veneers

This patient previously had a tooth-colored composite filling, veneers, and a root canal on her upper teeth after an accident at age 21. Several years later, her veneers became discolored and her front teeth were spreading apart.

We performed a relatively simple restorative dental procedure to rebuild and strengthen her teeth. He used natural-looking, porcelain veneers, and a crown to create the fabulous smile the patient had always dreamt of.

Cosmetic Dentures

This patient was a 42-year-old single father that hustled to make sure his kids were taken care of⎼often at the expense of his own health and well-being. His teeth had become painful, though they had been unsightly and broken down for many years.

We removed the badly decayed teeth and replaced them with a set of immediate dentures. The plates went on the same day his teeth came out, so the patient never had to go without teeth. He went back to work the next day with a “same-day” makeover that earned him praise from friends and co-workers.

Internal Tooth Whitening

This patient got hit in the mouth during a softball game several years ago. The accident caused his front tooth to die, which was treated with a root canal. Three years later, the patient’s tooth began to discolor and generate pain.

Our team diagnosed an abscess of the root canal and recommended retreatment to decontaminate the previous root canal filling. Over a one-month period, we re-treated the root canal, whitened the tooth, and filled the root canal access hole.

External Tooth Whitening/Microabrasion

This patient had always disliked the discoloration on her front teeth. The most common reason for her stained teeth was an excess of fluoride.

We performed a 45-minute procedure called enamel microabrasion for fluorosis. First, we applied a slurry of pumice and mild acid to the stained areas. This allowed us to dissolve the discolored enamel with no damage or repercussions to the teeth.

Implant Dentistry

Dental Implants

This patient broke off the four-tooth dental bridge that restored her front teeth and supported her removable partial denture.

We repaired her two front teeth, extracted the two back teeth, and placed two dental implants to support a three-tooth bridge. This creates a stable foundation for a new partial denture until the patient can finish the implants for the upper right side.

Implant Crown

This patient was an 18-year-old that had a congenitally missing lateral incisor, meaning one of her upper front teeth never formed.

We placed a dental implant and temporary prototype crown on the same day in order to shape the gums. After three months, our dentist cemented her final custom-made crown to complete her beautiful new smile.