Insurance Alternatives in Nashua, NH

No dental insurance? No problem!

Join our membership plan today⎼ We have you covered!

Beyond Just Smiles Membership Plan

If you don’t have dental insurance, you don’t have to worry. Our office offers an alternative to help our Greater Nashua area patients finance their necessary care.

We’ve created a Dental Membership Plan that provides professional oral care at an affordable price. Each of our memberships runs 12 months from the date you join and includes 100 percent price transparency. Best of all, there’s no waiting period, deductibles, frequency limitations, pre-approval, denials, or exclusions.

Every penny that you pay for membership goes toward your care. Our approach eliminates leftover “use-it-or-lose-it” funds that are withheld by commercial plan administrators.

What You’ll Get With Our Membership Plan

Our practice offers four types of memberships depending on your individual needs. These include Kiddo Care (12 and younger), Adult and Ortho Care, Periodontal Therapy, and Implant Maintenance. Each of these yearly subscriptions may offer:

grey special dental tools icon

Professional or periodontal cleaning appointments

toothbrush over blue tooth icon

Implant hygiene appointments

magnifying glass over blue tooth icon

Regular exams and screenings

grey and blue toothpaste icon

Fluoride treatments

dual colored tooth with two circles icon

Set of bitewing X-rays or panoramic X-ray

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Cleaning and inspection of dentures

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Emergency exam

The number of visits and type of appointment and treatment will vary depending on which membership you choose.