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At our Nashua office, we take pride in building long-lasting, authentic relationships with each one of our patients. We love hearing about the different sports or active hobbies that our patients enjoy. We are well aware that not everything goes as planned when enjoying the great outdoors or your favorite form of exercise.

We’re committed to keeping you safe from dental injury in sporting accidents — whether that sport is football, tennis, hockey, bicycling, basketball, soccer, volleyball, skiing, skateboarding, or any of the host of other activities that can result in injury.

Learn how our experienced Nashua dentist can help you get the customized care your teeth need for the utmost safety and protection.

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard, also known as a sports guard, is the best way to absorb impact, limit the risk of concussion, and protect your teeth from injury and damage during exercise or sporting activities. It’s a custom-created protective appliance that fits over your teeth, allowing you to stay safe while enjoying an active lifestyle.

It should be known that mouthguards are meant to be worn during daytime activities that have the potential for impact. They are NOT meant to be worn at night while sleeping, as their soft surfaces can cause long-term damage to the TMJs or jaw joints. Sports guards are NOT night guards.

Types of Mouthguards

There are two basic types of mouthguards available:

  • Over-the-Counter Mouthguards — Found in retail stores, these are the cheapest option available in a “stock” one-size-fits-all or a “boil and bite” style -which are molded to fit by boiling. These off-the-shelf mouthguards can be uncomfortable and provide limited protection because of the high risk that they’re improperly fitted to the teeth. In addition, because they must fit “everyone,” they’re often too large and restrict the athletes’ airway. We do not recommend these types of appliances.
  • Customized Mouthguards — These individually fitted mouthguards offer the highest level of comfort available and the greatest amount of protection against tooth trauma and concussion. These types of guards can be made with various levels of protection specifically designed for the type of sport being played. Our team will make an impression (“mold”) of your teeth and have his laboratory fabricate a perfectly fitted guard that’s appropriate for the level of safety needed.

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