Tooth Extractions in Nashua, NH

Relieve Your Pain

Having a tooth removed can be intimidating, but sometimes, it’s the only way to relieve your pain and restore optimal oral health. Our Nashua dentist will do everything possible to save your tooth before resorting to tooth extraction.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons you may need a tooth extracted, such as:

  • An impacted or dysfunctional wisdom tooth
  • Damaged, decayed, or overcrowded teeth
  • Severe trauma to the mouth, teeth, or gums
  • A primary (or “baby”)  tooth that fails to erupt properly
  • Advanced periodontal disease

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache, it’s crucial not to brush it off. You’ll want to schedule an appointment with us right away. We’ll assess the problem and make sure the damage isn’t detrimental to your gums or neighboring teeth to prevent further complications.

The Extraction Process

  1. Schedule Your Consultation — First, you’ll meet with our dentist at our Nashua, NH dental office. We’ll examine your entire mouth to determine the source of your pain. If your tooth is severely decayed, damaged, or causes complications with your gums and jawbone, it’ll most likely need to be removed. A discussion of the options for the replacement of the tooth can be had at this time.
  2. Removing Your Tooth — Our team will create a personalized extraction plan supporting your individual needs. During the procedure, we’ll apply a local anesthetic to relieve any pain or discomfort you may experience. Special tools are used to gently lift the tooth from the socket to separate the tooth from the ligament.
  3. Restore Your Beautiful Smile — Once your tooth has been removed, we may recommend that you replace the extracted tooth with a natural-looking restoration, like a dental bridge or implant. They can be used to prevent complications with chewing, jaw joint function, and neighboring teeth from shifting.

Post-Removal Home Care

After your extraction, we’ll provide you with detailed aftercare instructions. Following these directions will help prevent complications and speed up the healing process.

For ease of access, our postoperative tooth extraction instructions are available for download. Click here to download, print, and follow the directions from the convenience of your own home.


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